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Custom metal pin badges

Sunlapelpins.INC  has many years of experience in making metal pin badges. , our designers here are ready to turn your ideas into a highly sought after custom pin badges. We will take advantage of our technology and make it special.
Custom pin badges are mainly used in:
1. Military fan collection
2. Military Commendation
3. Team commemoration
4. Company commemoration
5. School celebration activities
6. Advertising

Why Choose Us

What Sets Us Apart

Perfection Anytime

We always pay attention to your order, and have professional merchandisers to provide real-time tracking service for your order. Let you know the production progress at any time

24/7 Communication

We have professional salesmen to provide you with 24-hour online service. You just need to move your finger and get quotes quickly.

Logistics system

I don't just work with DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT. Southeast Asian countries, Western European countries, we have special line logistics. South American African countries have shipping services

Emergency Help

You can always call +8613530105134 We will provide you with emergency services. Quick quote and artwork

Advance Technology

We have been discussing the latest technology, developing new processes to replace the old ones, and improve productivity.

experienced worker

We have many employees working in the metal lapel pin industry with more than 5 years of working experience. They are always learning new techniques.

Our custom metal badges are crafted from high quality zinc alloy material. We have very rich experience in making products with complex designs. Learn about our factory and production process through video

Make your designs even more eye-catching with these upgraded crafting techniques



The metal color of lapel pins is not just gold, silver. We have more than 20 different metal colors to choose from. antique plating can give your lapel pins an accent of medieval vintage. Rainbow plating feels novel and is suitable for some punk style designs. Black Nickel is the perfect match for cartoon hard enamel lapel pins