How to design lapel pins

Lapel pins are one of the most popular forms of publicity. People often discuss the design and manufacture of lapel pins at work. Today we will discuss in detail how to design lapel pins.
Designing a lapel pin is not an easy task. We need to pay attention to coordination, style, element collocation, highlight the theme content. In terms of color, we do not recommend using colors with too much contrast, so as not to affect the overall effect. The whole design needs to be well-structured and not overly cluttered. 

What are some common design elements

Maybe you have a headache designing a beautiful pin. We can start with national culture, insects, animals, oceans, landscapes, iconic buildings and so on. Commonly used design collocation: ribbon, olive branch, shield, crown, decorative edge and so on


How to design lapel pins

Factors to consider in lapel pin design

1. The choice of design software
As a lapel pin factory, we usually receive the right amount of documents. Common vector drawing software are: 3D MAX,COREDRW,illustrator,Photoshop
2. Manufacturing process of lapel pin.As for the manufacturing process of lapel pin, we have introduced it in the following article.
Different kinds of lapel pin production process is not the same. If you have gradient colors in your design, you can only choose UV printing or printing process.
3. Design of the back of the lapel pin
There is no dispute that the front of the lapel pin needs to be beautiful and delicate. The design of the back is also a detail that cannot be ignored. We can carve text on the back, or we can finish with a frosted effect. Also, you can choose some plaid

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The role of the lapel pin

The role of the lapel pin
1, the most exquisite miniature logo products
2. Can effectively transform trademarks and logos into name tag and badge
3. It is memorable in grand celebrations
4, lapel pin is the company, enterprises, units, institutions in culture, spirit and other aspects of concentrated essence
5. It is a convenient and portable advertising object
6 Lapel pin is used in a wide range, not subject to subject matter, material, field, appearance and shape

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