6 U.S. Army lapel pin badges

Six different army insignia. Take a closer look at six common U.S. Army lapel pins

The origin of military insignia

Military insignia originated in ancient Rome. From the beginning of the Roman Empire, armies were organized into legions. Each regiment has its own military insignia. What it does: It makes enemies and Allies visible on the battlefield. Different regiments, different uniforms, different flags, different colors

The six major armies of the United States

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The Service Department system and the difference between Service Department and service. The top leadership of the US military adopts a dual-track system of military administration and military command. That is, the president, the Ministry of Defense, and the Ministry of the Services are the military-political lines, and their functions and powers include “leading the administration of the armed forces, force building, education and training, mobilization for military service, weapons procurement and logistics.” 

The command line is the presidential – Defense Department – theater, whose authority is mainly to directly use and command the military to carry out war and non-war affairs.
The three branches of the US military, as military-government organizations, are subordinate to the Ministry of Defense, and are divided into the Department of the War, the Department of the Navy and the Department of the Air Force. Among them, the Admiralty is the highest military administrative leadership of the Navy and the Marine Corps, and the Air Force is the highest military administrative leadership of the Air Force and the Pacific Air Force. The Coast Guard is under the jurisdiction of the Department of Homeland Security in peacetime, and the President of the United States can, if necessary, order the transfer of forces to the Department of the Navy, and Congress can do the same in wartime.


The Navy was founded in 1850 and has nearly half a million servicemen and women until 2020. NAVY badge design: twisted rope circle, blue for the background of the text, writing the text UNITED STATES NAVY. A bald eagle in the middle holds a golden anchor with its feet, radiating lines overhead. A symbol of maritime warfare Li Ting, to the deep sea enterprising spirit. At the center of the emblem is the American flag, symbolizing the defense of the United States. The ring chain is a symbol of iron will.

Navy army lapel pin

United States Army

The United States Army has a very long history. Founded in 1775, it has nearly 990,000 men in service. Army insignia design: The belly of the white-headed eagle is the American flag, representing the defense of the United States. The eagle’s hand gives you an olive branch for peace and an arrow for force. In its mouth, there is a flowing ribbon that says E Pluribus Unum. On the head of the eagle, there is a fully designed logo with the inner circle and the outer circle symbolizing the sovereignty of the new nation “halo”. The blue background is inlaid with 13 five-pointed stars representing the original 13 states of the United States

United States Army lapel pin badges

United States Air Force

Do you know which is the most circumvented and technologically advanced air force in the world?
The answer is the United States Air Force, founded in 1947. This powerful army fought in the Korean War, the Vietnamese War, Libya and more, and has more than 320,000 active soldiers.
Their insignia was based on the Air Force insignia. The design of the shield is taken from the winged thunderbolt of Ares’ Shield, the lightning in the shield shows its striking power, and the eagle symbolizes the United States. The clouds behind represent the creation of a new sky. The 13 families of stars represent the 13 colonies.

United States Air Force

United States Coast Guard

The U.S. Guard is the smallest active military, with 47,000 active duty personnel. Mainly responsible for coastal waters, waterway law enforcement, water safety, shipwrecked ships and aircraft rescue, pollution control and other tasks. The Coast Guard is under the jurisdiction of the Department of Homeland Security in peacetime.
The badge design, with blue as the main color, with twisted rope around the circle. A white disk represents the rudder, with the shield of the United States Coat of Arms (13 silver and red stripes) and the words “SEMPER PARATUS” written in red letters on both sides. “U.S. Coast Guard 1790” in blue letters on the outside, two crossed gold anchors with handles, arms, and claws

United States Coast Guar army lapel pin

United States Space Force

The U.S. Space Air Force is the youngest branch of the military, created in December 2019. Main responsibilities “: To protect the space interests of the United States, prevent space aggression, and conduct space operations”

Former US President John F. Kennedy famously said: “He who controls the universe controls the earth; Whoever controls the space controls the initiative of the war. Compared to traditional military weapons. The Space Force has many advantages. It can strike directly at targets, covering the entire globe
Badge design. It’s a very innovative badge. His design has a dark blue background. The three-dimensional triangle represents various types of spacecraft that support national defense strategy and national security space strategy. The white North Star symbolizes the beacon of safety. The two clusters represent space assets developed, maintained and operated by the U.S. Space Air Force

United States Space Force lapel pins

The emblems of the six military services of the United States show the cultural elements contained in them. With these introductions, you learn about 6 common U.S. Army lapel pin badges

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