What is enamel pin used for

What is enamel pin used for?

Enamel pins are very versatile. Among them, his most important role can be summarized as: a symbol worn on the body to indicate identity, occupation, and honor.

In our daily life, it can be summarized as the following 10 details


1: Wear it on the chest, the most exquisite miniature image logo product. The usual size is: 15MM-45MM
2: In terms of design, it can effectively transform trademarks, logos, LOGO, and emblems into logos and brooches. ,
 3: It has great celebratory significance. In large-scale elections, public welfare activities, school celebrations, etc., you can see people wearing enamel pins
 4: Contains profound and rich commemorative value. On company anniversary, school anniversary, and the anniversary of great people, the organizer will provide enamel pins to those who participated in the meeting as gifts for several years

5: it is the essence of culture and spirit of companies, enterprises, units and institutions. The design of LOGO often represents the organization’s culture, publicity philosophy, and business philosophy, and it promotes its own philosophy to people through a simple logo.
 6: In use, lapel pins are more high-grade and high-level than name tags.
7: enamelpins are high-level identification advertising objects. The exposure range can be increased by the person wearing it
 8: The price is affordable, almost everyone and every enterprise can afford this cost

9: enamel pins are suitable for a variety of widely distributed souvenirs, which cannot be replaced by other gifts.
10: lapel pins involve a large area and cover a wide range, and are not limited by subject matter, material, field, and appearance. Whether it is the military, schools, hospitals, non-profit organizations can use

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What is enamel pin used for