What are the different types of lapel pins?

What  are  Different types of lapel pins?View  our  process for  different types  of  lapel  pins  .

Lapel pin is very popular in the market,especially Sun  lapel  pins are highly recomend by clients. Shuanghua factory can customize all kinds of lapel pins based on clients own design,such as 2D/3D pins, soft enamel pins,hard enamel pins,rainbow pins,screen print pins,rotate pins,…We always make pins in reasonable price and quality!

hard enamel pins

Hard enamel pins

As  one  of  the  most  durable  lapel  pins .The  stamped  metal  is  filled with  an  enamel .The  smoth  flat  surface  is  t  beautiful and   luxury  .It  is  similar  to  cloisonne .

Soft enamel pins

The raised part of the lapel needle is a metal line, and the concave part needs to be filled with enamel color.

Soft  enamel give  the  surface  a  textry  and  non-smooth  fell  

glitter pins

Glitter pins

Glitter  is  made  of  tiny  little sequins.The  glitter sparkles  in  even  the  faintest  hint  of  light and  adds  an  extra  sparkle to  your  already shimmering design 


Transparent enamel

Adding glitter to the cartoon design and some personalized pin badges will make the product even more shiny. We have over 10 different glitter elements.

UV Print pins

Pin print

g mainly used for simple graphics and smaller colors;  Especially gradient colors; badges such as tourist attractions are most suitable for flat printing; badges made can perfectly reproduce the scenery of the scenic spot

Epoxy pins

Apply a layer of transparent glass ap glue on the soft enamel surface to improve durability; transparent; bright; with texture, better protect the metal surface, lines and paint look bright


Rhinestones pins

The lapel pins are filled with color and, after drying, rhinestones are placed in specific locations on the product. There are more than 100 choices of diamond colors

GLOW IN Dark enamel

Pins glow in the dark

Add fluorescent material to paint. In terms of processing procedures, it is produced according to the production process of soft enamel/hard enamel. The longer the sun exposure is. The light from pins will be more intense at night

chain hard enamel pins

Pin with chain

Large size lapel pins are linked using a chain and small lapel pins. Suitable for placing decorative shirt collars

Spinning pins

There are two kinds of spinning enamel needles, one is vertical spinning and the other is horizontal spinning. You can choose to match with soft enamel /hard enamel and other elements to complete the design

Create your own Custom Pins Hinged-lapel-pins

Hinged Lapel Pins

The metal pieces are connected by hinge inserts, and the space required by the hinge inserts must be precisely measured and made to fit perfectly in order for the metal pieces to open and close smoothly

Create your own Custom Pins sloders--pin

Sliding Enamel Pin

Usually more than 2 products are required, and a smaller product is placed on the larger product. Using the riveting process, the products are brought together. The product can slide within the track

3D pin badges

3D pin badges

Put a layer of fine sand on the surface of the mold; after electroplating, the metal sand surface is recessed with glossy frosted particles


2T plating pins

Available in 2 different metallic colors. Can be gold + silver; gold + black nickel; antique; silver + black nickel and other combinations


Pin on pin

We use a combination of two products, where the pin size is usually smaller.We use a combination of two products, where the pin size is usually smaller.

cut out letter pins

Cut out lapel pins

Usually made of zinc alloy materials; die-cast hollow badges; more beautiful and fashionable craftsmanship